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Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food, including refrigerated and frozen foods?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had concerns about how COVID-19 is transmitted and about the possible transmission of the virus via food.

Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through food.

However, applying the precautionary principle, the maintenance and reinforcement of good hygiene and food safety practices during the handling, preparation and preparation of food is recommended.

Assuming the precautionary principle, WHO published on its website some recommendations regarding good hygiene and food safety practices, as well as, at national level, the Food and Economic Safety Authority (ASAE).

From these guidelines on the preparation, confection and consumption of food, the following good hygiene practices stand out:

  • Frequent and prolonged hand washing (with soap and water for 20 seconds), followed by appropriate drying to avoid cross contamination (for example, close the faucet with a paper towel instead of the hand that opened it while dirty);
  • Proper disinfection of work benches and tables with appropriate products;
  • Avoid contamination between raw and cooked food;
  • Cook and “plate” food at appropriate temperatures and properly wash raw food;
  • Avoid sharing food or objects between people during its preparation, preparation and consumption.


Source: DGS

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