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How to wash your community masks?

Reusable masks must withstand the number of cleaning cycles indicated by the manufacturer (at least 5 cleaning cycles) with a minimum wash temperature of 60 °C.

For cleaning, only products that do not pose a risk to health should be used, for example, when leaving behind hazardous substances at the end of the process. For this reason, it is recommended to use a standard detergent and not to use a fabric softener.

If any damage to the community facial covers is detected after each cleaning cycle (tearing, loosening of the head fit, less adequate fit, deformation, wear, etc.), the community facial covers are considered non-compliant.

You should not dry clean your mask, as this process leaves substances in the fabric that are dangerous to your health.

When you feel that the mask is getting wet because it has been in use for too long, you should remove it, wash it and change it for a new one.


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