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COVID-19 - When can I be vaccinated?

In Portugal, the vaccination process against COVID-19 started on December 27, 2020 and will continue throughout the year 2021. Be vaccinated against COVID-19 it allows us to protect us individually against disease and its complications, and it also contributes to the protection of public health through group immunity.

According to the vaccination plan, which may change depending on the evolution of scientific knowledge and the indications and contraindications that may be approved by the European Medicines Agency, the vaccination strategy will be as follows:

Phase 1

  • From December 2020:
  •      - Health professionals involved in patient care
         - Professionals from the armed forces, security forces and critical services
         - Professionals and residents in Residential Structures for the Elderly (ERPI) and similar institutions
         - Professionals and users of the National Network for Continuous Integrated Care (RNCCI).
  • As of February 2021:
  •      - People aged ≥50 years, with at least one of the following pathologies:
         - Cardiac insufficiency
         - coronary heart disease
         - Renal failure (Glomerular Filtration Rate < 60ml/min)
         - COPD or chronic respiratory disease under long-term ventilatory support and/or oxygen therapy

    Phase 2 (from April 2021):

  • Persons ≥65 years of age (who have not been previously vaccinated)
  • People between 50 and 64 years of age, inclusive, with at least one of the following pathologies:
  •      - Diabetes
         - active malignant neoplasm
         - Chronic kidney disease (Glomerular Filtration Rate > 60ml/min)
         - liver failure
         - Arterial hypertension
         - Obesity
         - Other pathologies with lower prevalence that can be defined later, depending on scientific knowledge.

    Phase 3 (at a date to be determined after the conclusion of the second phase):

  • All other eligible population, which could be equally prioritized.

    Wait for a contact from your referring physician or your health center.

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