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Should I disinfect tablets, smartphones and computers?

The cell phone accompanies us everywhere and is one of the objects we use most throughout the day:

  • Face to face, to speak;
  • In the hands, to send messages, consult social networks and to keep ourselves updated on what is happening in the world.

As such, we must adopt some rules in the way we use the cell phone and also with its cleaning:

  • Whenever possible, wash your hands before picking up your mobile phone;
  • While you are making a call or using your cell phone, avoid touching your face with your hands, especially your eyes and mouth;
  • Prefer to use a headset to talk on the cell phone;
  • Avoid sharing your mobile phone with others;
  • Clean your phone frequently, as well as its accessories (headphones and charger, for example);
  • In general, to clean the screen and accessories, you can use wipes with 70% alcohol or a microfiber cloth dampened with a disinfectant, non-abrasive liquid;
  • To make cleaning your mobile phone safer and more effective, first remove the protective covers and clean them too;
  • Do this operation with the mobile phone turned off and be careful not to clean inside the holes of the connections, as this could damage the equipment.


Source: DGS

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