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What to do during the quarantine or isolation period? Avoid sharing food and household items

  • You must not share the use of cell phones, headphones or keyboards. If this is not possible, disinfect the equipment before and after each use;
  • You should not drink from packages or bottles, nor share food or packaging whose interior is manipulated with your hands (fries, nuts and other snacks);
  • Dishes, glasses, cups, kitchen utensils, towels, sheets or other items must not be shared with people who live in the household;
  • After using dishes, glasses, cups, kitchen utensils, they must be washed with hot water and soap (hand dishwashing detergent) or in the dishwasher;
  • In situations where the person with suspected infection is awaiting the analysis result for COVID-19, after using clothes, sheets and towels, they must be placed in a plastic bag properly and identified, until the test result is known;
  • Clothes, bed linen and towels must be machine washed, at the highest temperature possible (above 60º), using machine detergent. If possible, use a tumble dryer and iron at the highest temperature allowed by the clothes in question. Must wash hands after handling dirty clothes. Avoid shaking the bed linen by rolling it from the inside to the outside, making a “wrap”.

Source: DGS

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