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What to do during the quarantine or isolation period? Surface cleaning and disinfection

  • Gloves and protective clothing (example: plastic apron) must be used to carry out the disinfection of surfaces;
  • Hands must be washed, before and after putting on gloves;
  • For common disinfection of surfaces (special attention to areas of frequent contact such as door handles, light switches or other objects):
    • Wash first with water and detergent;
    • Apply the bleach diluted in water in the following proportion: one measure of bleach in 49 equal measures of water;
    • Leave to act for 10 minutes;
    • Rinse only with hot water and allow to air dry;
  • Furniture and some equipment (such as controls or cell phones) can be disinfected after cleaning, with wipes moistened with disinfectant or 70º alcohol;
  • In the sanitary facilities:
    • Sanitary facilities must be washed and disinfected with a mixed cleaning product that contains both detergent and disinfectant in the composition, as it is easier and faster to apply and act;
    • Wash the bathroom, starting with the taps, washbasins and drains, then move on to the furniture, then the bathtub or shower, toilet and bidet;
  • In the kitchen, proceed in the following order:
    • Wash dishes in the machine or by hand with hot soapy water (hand dishwashing detergent);
    • Clean and disinfect cabinets, countertops, table and chairs, not forgetting to disinfect cabinet and door handles;
    • Clean and disinfect the faucet, sink and drain;
  • If blood, respiratory secretions or other body fluids are present:
    • Absorb liquids with absorbent paper;
    • Apply bleach diluted in water in the proportion of one measure of bleach to 9 equal measures of water – use a mask when diluting and applying the bleach;
    • Leave to act for 10 minutes;
    • Clean the area with water and detergent;
    • Rinse only with hot water;
    • Allow to air dry and open the windows to ventilate the space.

Source: DGS

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