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What are certified community masks?

There are currently available on the physical and digital market many types of community masks that you can purchase. Reusable, washable, colored, printed, monochromatic… in short, many community masks… But will they be certified? That is, do they meet the criteria and requirements in terms of design, performance and usability?

Being certified requires that the masks are properly validated by a laboratory accredited for this purpose and, therefore, recognized as such. It also means that, as a consumer, you will have all the information available, among other things, regarding the level of permeability of the fabric to air and the ability to filter particles. When buying a certified mask, you know that a laboratory with recognized technical competence, whose composition and maintenance follow a series of rules, guarantee the required quality. One of the first to be recognized for this purpose with the project within the scope of COVID-19 was CITEVE - Textile and Clothing Technological Center. CITEVE certified masks have a certification seal with the mask reference and indicate the number of washes that the mask can have without significant changes in the textile substrate. Look for, buy and use only certified community masks. 

And remember, the use of this can never override the protection measures and social distancing rules that are recommended by public health authorities, and that are considered fundamental for the control of this new coronavirus.

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